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Microsoft Dynamics software: Best QuickBooks Alternative
The QuickBooks alternative: Microsoft Dynamics product line.


If you were to ask a business owner if they remember when they knew they’d finally out-grown QuickBooks, they might say it was during a period of high growth: Not only were the number of clients increasing at a dramatic rate, but the amount of transactions seem to be advancing almost exponentially, and why they began searching for a QuickBooks alternative.


4 Common Issues with Quickbooks



You Have to Do EVERYTHING in Spreadsheets

Companies that use QuickBooks often rely heavily on spreadsheets. Spreadsheets, themselves, are not bad. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with Microsoft Excel, after all. When they are used excessively, however, they become difficult to keep organized and prone to errors. If your company has spreadsheets to keep track of spreadsheets, perhaps it's time for a new solution.


You Have a Plethora of 3rd Party Plugins

Many businesses install third-party plugins that enhance QuickBooks. As with spreadsheets, using a few plugins is fine, and may even be advisable. Plugins should not form the backbone of your company’s software system, however. Too many plugins introduce compatibility issues, and they become difficult for IT to keep updated. If your company has a plethora of plugins, maybe you should look for a QuickBooks alternative that includes the features you’re using plugins for.


You Have Duplicate Data Entry

QuickBooks is primarily an accounting program. While there are workarounds for using it to manage inventory or track employees’ time, relying on Intuit’s software for non-accounting aspects of running a business typically results in duplicate data entry. Non-accounting information usually must be entered into both QuickBooks and another program, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Eliminate duplicate data entry, which takes up time and generates data entry errors, by using a QuickBooks alternative that integrates all your data processing needs.


Quickbooks Support Expiring in 2015 for Select Services

When it comes to accounting software, and for the startups, and fledgling businesses, the use of Quickbooks may be their first and last choice. For others, they may have outgrown Quickbooks, and are looking to the features and benefits of today's advanced software like Microsoft Dynamics (GP).

Now there is more reason to move off Quickbooks if you look at Intuit’s recent announcement about its move to the cloud. They are not only going there, but they are discontinuing their desktop offerings. What does that do for customer confidence?

Here’s the timeline Intuit presented to their customers in a news release way back in 2008:


Beginning March 1, 2015, only existing app customers will be able to connect to QuickBooks Desktop through the QuickBooks Desktop REST API.

Beginning March 1, 2016, we will be discontinuing service of the QuickBooks Desktop REST API, both v2 and v3, and the Sync Manager service.


But, rest assured, Microsoft Dynamics is not a software on anyone’s short-list for termination of its on-premise platform. In fact, the deployment of this software, either on-premise or in the cloud, will continue to provide business with effective ways data management.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics SL



A Final Checklist to Determine if Quickbooks is NOT keeping up with Your Business Requirements


Outgrown QuickBooksAs your business network grows, so does the demand for more sophisticated financial reports.

A checklist for determining if QuickBooks is not keeping up with your business requirements:

  • Relying on old programs can slow down searches through databases throughout your system
  • On-premise and remote workers need access, but latency issues and access denial surface more often
  • Security issues are not being handled by QuickBooks as more people are using the software
  • Currency conversions not handled seamlessly with QuickBooks as global markets expand
  • Lack of Business Intelligence modules for more intuitive decision-making capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics software: a powerful business processing tool


This platform is ideally suited for companies looking for a scalable solution to their accounting needs.

Moreover, its interface uses applications already familiar to businesses: Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics SL



Dynamics ERP = More productivity


  • You can count on simultaneous users having immediate access to the program
  • Dynamics handles mega-volumes of transactions
  • Integrated database provides:
    • multi-currency/multi-language features
    • manage warehousing/distribution and supply chain
    • Track costs via a multitude of vendors/material lists-billing processing.


Business Intelligence Solutions


Managers, supervisors and stakeholders can customize their Dashboards to monitor key activities. Decisions become more collaborative and intuitive.

Discover how the Microsoft Dynamics line up of accounting software offers a viable alternative to QuickBooks. What's more, the Dynamics platform can be priced competitively for your growing business. Contact us today.