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Remote Training

Remote Training Available. Video and Screen Sharing Key Components.

Think about the possibilities: you can purchase your Dynamics software and receive the proper licenses all within 48 hours. What’s more, the quick turn-around means your company will start to benefit from the platform’s powerful business tools. More importantly, you remain in control during the whole process.

A training scenario...

Sometimes it’s a good idea to select one or two staff to become the resident ‘experts’ on your Dynamics software. This simply means they have a good overview about the workings of your company, and can offer specialized information about your business processes---easier for training and follow ups. During the training sessions, think of your vendor representative as your coach. That paves the way for better interaction and encourages questions and collaboration down the line.

Prior to training…

It’s important that all the stakeholders are aware of the implementation process. Will certain departments have major disruptions? If so, plan the training sessions to accommodate workflows. Do you have certain areas you want your vendor trainer to concentrate on? For example, your Dynamics software may be customized for specific manufacturing and shipping goals, leaving financials for another session.

Training available in one-hour increments ($150)

Our remote training is focused, specific and sure to build a credible team of users. More importantly, you chose what modules you need assistance on, and as your company grows, you can be confident that your Dynanics ERP will be completely scalable. No need to learn its full capabilities.

If you prefer a one-on-one, or group setting, it’s doable. We use the latest meeting software, such as GoToMeeting, Lync, for example, to enhance the training via video and screen sharing.

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