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Products Overview

What is Microsoft Dynamics?


Microsoft DynamicsMicrosoft Dynamics™ is a line of internally-integrated, flexible and customizable, corporate management systems. Deploying either a stand-alone ERP system (GP, NAV or SL), or choosing to utilize the Connector and adding in Dynamics CRM, a Microsoft Dynamics system will enable you and your workgroup to make better business decisions, based on accurate and timely information, and to make those decisions confidently. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to look and feel like many other familiar Microsoft products, reducing the learning curve and and anxiety for your employees. Use Dynamics to streamline and automate your mission-critical processes financial, deliver accurate information to your decision makers, and help drive business success.

Easy-to-learn, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use business solutions, each tailored to your industry and your markets. Each solution is adaptable to your business size, and your preferred method of deployment, either traditional on-premise systems, or a hosted system. Microsoft Dynamics offers an inclusive range of software solutions, all focused on delivering key business insights. From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), from supply chain management to business, human resources and payroll, to delivery of business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics has an integrated ERP/CRM business solution that’s right for you.



How does it work? A lot like you do


A Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system works out of the box, and more importantly, it is designed to grow over time, as your business grows. With an industry focus to provide a tailored approach, Dynamics ERP solutions deliver an effective toolset to manage and direct your business. With Dynamics CRM, you can benefit from a truly integrated business management system.


Real-time insights for sales teams
> People get it
We found Microsoft Dynamics GP very easy to use and understand, because it works like Microsoft Office.

> It's not like other software solutions
Many accounting options aren't built for project work, and most industry-specific solutions lack the accounting tools you need. We bridge the gap with comprehensive project management functionality and robust accounting capabilities.

> It's on your terms 
In the cloud or on-premises, Microsoft Dynamics SL lets your people work anytime and anywhere they’re most productive.