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Cloud ERP


Cloud ERP: Microsoft Dynamics software accessible via Subscription, in the field or on the road



Cloud ERP: Manage your business...not your software

Now, with Cloud ERP, there are no limits to what you can do.

Business owners can now concentrate on their manufacturing lines, shipping and distribution networks instead of having to manage IT staff, or worrying about security issues and software upgrades with Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud.



Microsoft Dynamics offers cloud ERP functionality

Business management software may often be thought of as an on-premise platform. But today’s cloud ERP automates many of a company’s back office functions, for example, via a web-based portal called the Web Client. It has the same exact functionality as in the On Premise version of Microsoft Dynamics however can be accessed by URL via Internert Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Simply put, by implementing a cloud ERP platform, every facet of the business, from human resources (HR), product planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing can be managed by on-site, in the field or on the road.


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Determine ‘need,’ then invest in your cloud ERP software

Cloud ERPMicrosoft Dynamics software is easy to own, license and implement. Typically, the software is scalable to accommodate company’s growth.

For starters, the software can be implemented by departmental needs, to maximize accounting tasks and financials, or bring more efficiency to material purchasing, inventory control or beef up HR’s proficiency.


Cloud ERP just as efficient as on-premise deployment.

It is very common for companies to gradually migrate certain applications, files and documents to the cloud. By using a Dynamics ERP platform, users can manage a wide range tasks:

  • Distribution process management
  • Supply chain management
  • Provide customers with a service knowledge base
  • Specific business procedures can be standardized
  • Save time through eliminating redundant tasks
  • Manage payrolls

The advances in cloud ERP products like Microsoft Dynamics means owners can also incorporate CRM  modules into their ERP suite.


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