Is there ever a ‘morning-after’ scenario among ERP buyers when they question their decision to invest in the software?

If so, maybe part of that feeling comes from the nature of resisting change and learning new methods  of working with powerful business tools.

More so, and if you are using a cloud provider for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM online platform, for example,then maybe you are questioning the services of the provider; this, because you are  experiencing critical lag periods and an overall “cumbersome” migration of your files and documents.

But Rob Curis, writing for MS Dynamics World, notes that a good starting point with a cloud-hosting provider is to understand their range of service level agreements (SLA), which can apply when you deploy Dynamics CRM online.

Most often, the problems associated with a cloud-hosting provider are not reasons to find a new hosting service, but an avenue that simply needs to be explored:

  • “Latency (the delay from input into a system to the desired outcome)
  • “Noisy Neighbor (or a co-tenant that is heavy on bandwidth, or system resource use, and can negatively affect other users’ cloud performance)
  • “Cumbersome experience that is not as seamless as anticipated
  • “Not being able to locate a file, or connect/find a printer
  • “Undersized (and therefore underperforming) deployment
  • “Lost reports”

When it comes to implementing Dynamics CRM software online, your choice of a Microsoft Gold Partner, like BuyERP, ensures a smooth learning curve across all departments. Full integration also means software and user support when needed.

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