Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most powerful CRM software suites on the market. It provides a near infinite number of ways in which to enhance your business practices, keep your customers engaged and leverage detailed data to keep your company strong. If you’re still on the fence about Microsoft Dynamics and aren’t ready to make the plunge, here are a few reasons you should consider jumping in on the product’s free 30-day trial:

Ease of Use
Dynamics is easy to use and easy to set up, and thanks to its design leaning heavily on existing Microsoft products has one of the most manageable learning curves in the industry. Getting Dynamics up and running takes very little time, and your employees will quickly adapt to its workflows and begin utilizing them for greater efficiency.

Dynamics makes accessing data easy and fast. It gives employees the ability to instantly change and manipulate global data. And it provides solutions for connecting the people and information your company requires to survive. You can automate process to speed up workflows, reduced compatibility issues and help everyone in your business focus on getting the job done rather than fussing with software.

Because Microsoft Dynamics is developed by the very same company responsible for Microsoft Office, it integrates directly into a number of applications your employees already use. Information can be imported and exported between Dynamics and productivity software like Outlook, Excel and Word, giving you even more ways in which to manipulate and harness the data to which you have access.

No software solution is complete without some sort of support, and Microsoft’s business support is the best in the business. Microsoft can help you troubleshoot problems, to be sure, but also offers a vast knowledge base you can use in order to get the most out of your software.

A 30-Day trial of Microsoft Dynamics is risk-free. In other words, you can implement it into your workflows and see what it does first-hand at no cost to your business. If you’re asking why you should check it out, perhaps the better question would be, “Why not?”

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