When it comes to the software you use to handle your management backend, there are two primary high profile contenders: QuickBooks  and Microsoft’s Dynamics GP . Both programs offer users a robust selection of powerful tools, but Dynamics GP is the only one that provides a one-stop solution that can scale with your business and integrate existing and future technology.

Here are some reasons for switching to Dynamics GP:

  • Scalability
    QuickBooks is a strong software suite, but is designed for a very specific purpose and with smaller businesses in mind. Microsoft Dynamics GP is built with a focus on scalability. In other words, as your business grows so does GP. GP can easily be scaled to handle medium and large businesses, and is the best option for a long-term solution.
  • Ease of Use
    There’s no question that learning new software represents time lost in your business. Your employees need time to adjust to new workflows, and the faster you can get them comfortable with your application suite the better things will go for you in the long run. Dynamics GP is built on the familiar Microsoft Office interface, and share enough similarities as to make it relatively simple to pick up.
  • Integration
    For the most part, QuickBooks is a standalone solution. It is designed to handle one specific department of your business, and while it performs this task well, it still falters when it comes to cross-department interaction. Dynamics is designed with integration in mind, and can easily communicate between several departments.
  • Support
    QuickBooks is supported by the Intuit Company, but offers little in terms of specialized support. Dynamics, however, is implemented by Microsoft Certified Partners who often have experience in specific industries and can help you make the best decisions for your individual business. A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner has shown years of expertise and leadership in helping businesses make the most out of GP.

In the end, it’s easy to see why GP stands a cut above its competitors. Deep integration, ease of use, and a simple-to-scale construction give it everything it needs to be your one-stop solution. Visit us at www.buyerp.com to get started with Dynamics GP today!