Every company needs a mechanism for managing its financial data. If you’re still doing things via Excel spreadsheet or with a pen and paper, you’re not thinking ahead. Solutions must be scalable and efficient, especially if you expect (or hope) your business will expand over the coming years. When it comes to financial management, you really have two main choices: Microsoft Dynamics SL and Deltek.

So what makes Microsoft Dynamics SL the better of the two?

Microsoft Dynamics SL integrates with a number of other Microsoft products. If you already run Windows and Microsoft Office on your work machines, Dynamics SL will bring a host of integrated features that make it easy to share data from one application to another. Additionally, the Dynamics UI is built in a similar manner to that of Office, meaning your employees will have an easier time learning to navigate the software. Dynamics plugs seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Every business is different. Dynamics SL is built to be cost-effective, with no enforced user minimum or maximum. Dynamics evolves with you and your business, providing you only with as much functionality as you need at any given moment. Independent research has shown that Dynamics SL has one of the highest ROIs in the industry. Young and old businesses alike need their software solutions to be efficient and lean.

Dynamics SL comes with one major strength no other application can claim: The Microsoft name. Microsoft is the leading developer of business software in the world, with years of experience and a clear vision for the future of application development. When you invest in a Microsoft product, you know full well that you’ll be able to find support and help for that product ten years down the line.

Choosing a financial management software is a tough decision, but it’s clear that the unique benefits of Dynamics SL help set it apart from the rest of the pack. www.buyerp.com