Project accounting is a complex endeavor. And when your business runs on projects, you are no stranger to the complications of correctly estimating, tracking and billing for your clients and your own records. Traditional accounting software isn’t always designed with project-based businesses in mind, which means that if you invest in the wrong solution you may find yourself fighting your software more than using it.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is an accounting software suite designed to assist in project accounting. It offers several key benefits not available in other regular accounting suites that can streamline your workflows and help you keep better records. The end result? A more efficient business that spends less time tracking and collating and more time doing.

Get it Done Right

Work on government contracts? Dynamics SL helps you gather and track the critical information you need to stay within regulation. Work in construction? Microsoft Dynamics SL gives you the ability to manage your materials, predict costs for individual jobs and monitor the project. Own a small or large distributor? Dynamics SL makes things more efficient by offering a combined business and financial system.

Because Dynamics is a Microsoft accounting software built from the ground up for project accounting, it boasts a number of powerful features useful to this very specific model of doing business. You’ll find robust tools for accounts payable, bank reconciliation, currency exchanging, multi-company reporting, inventory management, purchasing, e-commerce and more. Additionally, Dynamics SL runs on the familiar Microsoft Office design, making it easy to learn and letting you focus more on increasing productivity than re-training your employees (and yourself).

Microsoft Dynamics SL is the only accounting solution that offers real-time, cross-intranet data and a project-based approach. It’s the only solution with the weight of Microsoft’s years of experience and deep technological savvy behind it. And it’s the only solution that has been proven time and time again to make project accounting more efficient, more accurate and more reliable.

Give Microsoft Dynamics SL a shot and see what it can do for you.

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