Microsoft Dynamics SL and Sage Timberline are both project management software solutions designed to help you manage your business and streamline workflows. Both represent robust sets of tools for increasing efficiency, better monitoring customer data, and delivering stronger tracking of the work of your employees.

However, Timberline isn’t quite as flexible as Dynamics, and is generally most useful in very specific instances. In almost all cases, Dynamics SL is a better fit for the average small to medium sized business.

Here’s why:

Better Financials

Clients often complain that Timberline doesn’t offer enough financial management tools. When managing investments or monitoring cash flow, you need the strongest utilities available and the highest rate of reliability. Microsoft Dynamics SL provides time-tested tools that go deep into your business’s financials and give you the data you need.

Better Architecture

Dynamics SL runs on SQL Server, a powerful database application that enables quick and easy data access. Timberline uses Btrieve technology, which has been in use for decades and brings a number of burdensome legacy difficulties along with it. Btrieve is also notoriously inflexible; SQL can easily adapt to any needed task.


Perhaps the biggest non-technical advantage of Microsoft Dynamics SL is that it is built to easily match and sync with existing Microsoft products. This means the interface is quite similar to what your employees are used to seeing in things like Excel and Word, and offers an easier learning curve and a more universal usage experience.

Microsoft Partners

Microsoft Dynamics is supported by a collection of Microsoft-certified partners such as Buy ERP- all of which offer industry-specific expertise in addition to deep product knowledge. We are dedicated to helping you integrate Dynamics SL into your workflows and to making sure the software continues to deliver for you long after deployment has ended.

The application suite you opt to use is entirely up to you, but Dynamics provides plenty of notable and measurable benefits that you won’t find with Timberline. For more information please visit