When it comes to choosing a CRM software suite, there is no shortage of tiny questions. But before you can go about answering the little things, you first have to answer what many would consider to be the largest question when it comes to CRM: Are you going to use SalesForce, or are you going to use Microsoft Dynamics?

The long and short of it is that no one solution is best for every single business. SalesForce has a tremendous install base and a bevy of industry fans, and many of its features overlap with offerings from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. That being said, Microsoft Dynamics tends to be the most flexible solution for the largest number of businesses.

What Benefits does Microsoft Dynamics Offer?

Dynamics has some unique features that make it the top choice in customer relationship management. For starters, Dynamics offers on-premise and hosted deployment models, along with a hybrid solution. Dynamics also works with multiple clients (web, Outlook, mobile), is generally easier to use and learn, and offers a much wider range of support options due to the massive network of third-party partners providing it.

There’s also the 20 free gigs of storage on offer from Microsoft, along with a dedicated database, Excel integration, instant messaging, marketing lists and field service scheduling. Oh, and let’s not forget the cost: SalesForce’s most advanced offering will run you $195 a month, while the most expensive version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Dynamics CRM Professional Plus) costs $59. Not too shabby when you consider all of the things Dynamics does that SalesForce doesn’t.

Microsoft Dynamics also gets rid of the obnoxious activation email scheme SalesForce makes your employees go through any time they try and access their information from a new IP address—a small pain point, to be sure, but one your system users will appreciate.

For many businesses, the toughest part of selecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM is shifting their existing workflows from SalesForce to the new system. Once everything is situated, most employees and business owners can’t imagine how they ever did things the old way.

Give Microsoft Dynamics CRM a chance and we’re certain you’ll never look back. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 877.377.3955 with any questions or visit www.buyerp.com for more information.