Every growing business needs a dedicated ERP solution. Paper-based accounting is inefficient and unwieldy, and all businesses at some point must make the shift to a computerized system if they’re hoping to stay competitive and keep accurate records. ERP’s job is simple: Provide you with a tool that simplifies your accounting and ensures your data is compliant and correct.

So why choose Dynamics GP ? There are other ERP solutions on the market besides GP 2013, so what makes it the right choice for restaurant owners?

As it turns out, quite a bit:

  • Integration
    Microsoft Dynamics GP is built to integrate with your daily restaurant operations. The software is capable of handling your billing, inventory, and payroll needs, along with a host of other utilities that you can access if necessary. GP lines up directly with your existing workflows and makes your daily life easier without much of a learning curve.
  • Streamlining
    In a restaurant, time is money. Managers and owners have limited time to deal with back-of-house issues thanks to the ever-hectic nature of ensuring high quality food and service during dining hours. Dynamics GP streamlines your backend tasks to make them faster and more efficient, giving your managers more time to focus on ensuring their guests’ dining experience is a pleasurable one.
  • Data Management
    There is tons of data pouring into your restaurant at any given time. Food orders, drink orders, product in, inventory out — there’s no shortage to the amount of information your restaurant can create in a day. GP helps you organize this information into simple reports that can help you spot trouble areas and opportunities to maximize efficiency and sales. You’ll never have trouble sorting out your costs and income with GP 2013.

Bringing Microsoft Dynamics GP into your restaurant can make life better for you and your employees. And if you work with a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner such as Buy ERP, that has experience with restaurant implementations, you’ll find that getting GP up and running takes very little time and doesn’t demand a massive shift in your daily habits. If you have any questions about Dynamics GP or any of our other products please visit www.buyerp.com.