Microsoft Dynamics Partner Is Exactly What You Need

After performing countless web searches and sitting through weeks of demos, you finally decided that Microsoft Dynamics is the platform on which to run your business. Now you must take on the difficult task of implementing your new ERP. Where do you start? You may be tempted to take a training course and attempt the implementation on your own, but is that the right idea for your business?

A Microsoft Dynamics Partner Has Been There and Done That

It is not a simple process to become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. One does not just apply. You must have employees that are current on certifications in a particular competency, and you must have recent satisfactory customer references in the same competency. These partners are qualified experts with the product and will almost certainly add value to your implementation.

A Microsoft Dynamics Partner Has Access to Microsoft

Because no two implementations are the same, sometimes it is necessary to involve Microsoft’s technical support. By working with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, you are able to leverage the partner’s relationships with Microsoft and its partner ecosystem, known as the Microsoft Partner Network. The partner has insider access to Microsoft products and support, and is typically ahead of the curve on keeping up with new releases of a product.

A Microsoft Dynamics Partner Is Engaged with the User Community

One of the biggest challenges of being Microsoft must be that they have so many customers it is hard to fully understand how each of them uses their products. And one of the biggest challenges of being a small business is that you often only know how people in your own organization use a product. A Microsoft Dynamics Partner, however, is a connector. The partner may champion a local users group, connect you with other companies with similar challenges, or consult with you based on their experience with other organizations. Some of the best help you receive during your implementation will be from round table discussions with your partner or other companies.

A Microsoft Dynamics Partner is interested in developing a long-term relationship with you by adding value in ways you may not have considered. If you are interested in learning how a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Microsoft Dynamics can add value to your implementation, contact us to learn more.

Written by J.K (Sales Team)