Acronyms like ERP are thrown around a lot, but sometimes their meanings are misconstrued or lost in the shuffle. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and it refers to a type of software that helps businesses combine their core performance sectors and drive efficiency. There are also automation features that allow users to maximize their efficiency. So this begs the question:

What is ERP and what does this mean for your business operation?

It means that you can not only integrate the processes of taking orders from customers, scheduling shipments and pick-ups and other operations, keeping detailed financial records, and recording accurate inventory figures, but you can also automate a lot of these key activities.

ERP software enables you complete optimization and integration of your whole entire operation from the front-end all the way through the warehouse and offices. When everyone is on the same page efficiency goes through the roof. Automation features also continue to drive your efficiency. You’ll have key business activities taken care of faster with fewer errors every time that you schedule it. No longer do you need someone to spend hours doing inventory forecasting or balancing data. This frees up more able hands to work at what you do best.

The coherence ERP software provides to users is the best part. No longer will there be duplicate orders or discontinuity between different sectors of your operation. ERP software brings everyone together, even disparate business functions.

If that wasn’t enough, the software can provide you with analysis reports on the overall performance of your business. You will have the most accurate information about your own business that you can use to show potential investors or find the areas where you need to improve. Contact us for more information on what is ERP software.