Why You Can’t Buy Directly from Microsoft
One of the most important decisions a business makes when choosing a CRM software is how to go about purchasing and installing the platform. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics , Microsoft maintains a global network of trained and certified partners who help businesses implement Dynamics into their workflows.

Every business has different needs. Working with a reseller helps you to ensure the software solution you receive is the best for your individual requirements.

Why Work with a Reseller?
Dynamics is a powerful and complex software tool. It can make your business much stronger, but you may not need every feature it offers. When you work through a reseller, the reseller will sit down with you to get an idea of what exactly you want from the software, then help you to find those elements within the existing software architecture. The partner is there to guide you.

Additionally, a reseller will back the Dynamics install with support, training, implementation assistance and a bevy of ongoing features. Dynamics isn’t the sort of thing you install and forget about—your business will need time to adjust and a certified reseller can help with lessening the learning curve and getting your team back to work as quickly as possible.

What you’re getting when you use a Microsoft Dynamics partner isn’t just the utility of Dynamics, but a relationship with a business that cares about your wellbeing as a client. Instead of becoming an “end user,” you are treated as a valuable customer whose needs must be met. It is a reseller’s job to ensure that when you buy Microsoft Dynamics, it enhances your business in every possible way.

When considering Microsoft Dynamics’s cost , be sure to measure the services offered by each reseller. What your business needs is to work with a partner interested in making Dynamics work for you, not a company looking to make a quick sale and then move on to the next account.

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