Dynamics CRM | Superior customer experiences

Dynamics CRM logoTo provide a superior customer experience, it all starts with your employees. Giving your employees the right tools to increase productivity and amplify their impact. They contribute to reach the objectives of your organization and maximize your return on investment.

Here are the main reasons why organizations choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create superior customer experiences:


  1. The Great Value

When assessing the costs – including the costs of licensing, services, training, deployment, administration and maintenance – customers, the trade press and industry analysts believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the one of the best values ​​of the industry.


  1. Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you increase your productivity and create a connected organization ready to serve your customers. The result is a compelling and engaging experience for customers. It help to distinguish your business from others and can foster synergy among its members for the benefit of customers.


  1. User Experience

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a set of functions for managing the powerful customer relationship directly in the familiar Microsoft Outlook application. It gives you a powerful set of CRM capabilities, with an intuitive and familiar environment with its interface integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook.


  1. Innovation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is recognized for its cutting edge abilities and is ranked among the best CRM solutions for many analytical and independent experts firms such as Gartner, Forrester, Ovum…


  1. The Cloud

Microsoft invests over $ 2 billion annually in the cloud infrastructure. It is one of the simplest and fastest ways to allow your company to leverage the cloud and make savings, including cost reduction on management and maintenance systems, while ensuring that you pay only for the capacity you need. In addition, to ensure that your CRM system is always available, Microsoft offers a profitable service contract that ensures your peace of mind. Microsoft Dynamics CRM works well with Microsoft Office 365et Windows Azure, allowing you to leverage the cloud to optimize the productivity of your business.


  1. Partner network

Microsoft helps you quickly implement your solutions through the largest network of professional services and third-party applications in the world to complement your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  1. International Availability

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can provide your teams around the world built-in tools, but localized to help them communicate, collaborate and achieve results internationally. Used in 82 countries and available in 41 languages ​​and comes with a multilingual and multi-currency support.


  1. Business information

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your users with a multitude of features for business intelligence and data visualization that can be used to obtain accurate and timely information – sales forecasts, targets, quotas, customer buying habits and promotions in order to promote sales growth.


  1. Extended CRM

In addition to their relationship with customers, organizations must manage and maximize other critical relationships to their success – especially with their partners, suppliers and contractors. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be easily customized to support these extended CRM scenarios with no extra charge.


  1. Certified Partner

BuyERP.com, Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner, is the first eCommerce site to allow customers to purchase Microsoft Accounting software and more in minutes. Gold Certified Partners are the top level of Microsoft solutions partners and have access to the tools and support they need to help them stand out in the marketplace. At this level you have the opportunity to build the closest working relationship with Microsoft, and are guaranteed, at minimum, telephone-based account engagement from Microsoft, along with other top-level benefits such as a priority listing in the Microsoft Resource Directory.

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