Almost twenty years ago, Bill Gates opined on the future of content on the Internet, and how important it was for companies to focus on producing meaningful subject matter for their websites. In fact, Gates referred to “computer software” itself as a very important model of content, “one that for Microsoft will remain by far the most important.”

Most importantly, the benefits of owning software were there for companies of all sizes: “No company is too small to participate,” said Gates.

How true this forward-thinking was back then, and is germane today, particularly when it comes to small to mid-size businesses profiting from ERP systems, for example.

Business owners looking for weakness in their operations often turn to the workflow process within their offices. Do employees spend too much time searching and searching for stranded files, or documents residing on non-integrated computers?

If so, Microsoft Dynamics GP, ERP systems software, can streamline operations for the small to mid-size manufacturer or distributor by reducing the number of steps needed to find data for quicker decision-making.

In addition, such ERP systems software automates many business process tasks, thereby reducing the impact of incorrect entries. In fact, a study by Packing Europe noted that operator error accounted for about 60% of coding mistakes. Obviously,  mistakes can affect profitability throughout all departments as more time must be allocated to fixing and refiguring.

But such inadequate processes carry over to the factory floor while impact most every part of the supply chain. Wrong information can lead to misordering of material, which can affect the final production cycle.

To understand how a successful  ERP implementation can deliver a better ROI to your company, contact us.

Written by J.K. (Sales Team)

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