You’ve always prided yourself on finding creative and inexpensive solutions, a trait that helped you launch a small manufacturing business only a few years back. Together with a few key people, and the latest accounting software, you quickly found a niche in producing specialty items for a global market.

But it didn’t take too long to realize that the cheapest solutions were not the best way to go; this, after you local software developer convinced you to buy their ERP platform suited for SMBs. The local editor of the software pointed out just how simple it was to implement, plus they offered online training to boot. In all, it made sense to ‘buy local’ because you trusted them to provide the follow-up service after the sale.

But the accounting package was a basic offering without real-time currency updates. As such, too much time was being spent downloading currency information to quote sales figures, and to generate proper invoices. The solution was an easy one: you asked the company you bought the ERP system from to provide an app with a currency converter that would integrate with the accounting module.

Now, after many customizations, you are in need of a single, database management system to handle your growing business as staff is spending too much time bouncing through open files and documents to capture data, quote sales figures and generate needed financials.

SMBs need what Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers: a seamless way to monitor data, share information, collaborate on projects and keep ‘in touch’ with customers in their social media channels.

As noted on in a post on investing in ERP systems:

“Within a small company or startup, employees wear multiple hats. Everyone pitches in wherever and whenever the need arises (which is frequently). Who has the time to manually process multiple spreadsheets and separate mountains of data? ERP systems geared towards small businesses are able to blend and automate key business functions such as order processing, production and finances.”

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Written by D.K. (Technical Team)

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