According to an article from WinBeta, Microsoft Azure is being utilized to transform the way airports work around the world. In England, several airports, such as Manchester Airport and London Heathrow Airport, have begun adopting Microsoft Azure, putting the cloud-based software in charge of many of the airports’ clerical and administrative functions. These functions include processing taxiway data in order to improve the safety and efficiency of airplane taxiing, saving both time and money.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a multifaceted platform for cloud-based software tools and solutions. With Azure, users can access all of their available apps no matter where they are, with the peace of mind provided by Microsoft’s online security. Many different types of apps are supported by Azure, including data storage and analytics, networking, and computational software. Azure reduces the need for costly onsite hardware while promoting ease of use from a variety of devices through the Internet of Things (IoT), making Azure one of the most easily-accessed platforms out there.

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Written by D.W (Consulting Team)