Business owners face a challenging decision when it comes to deciding on a cloud-based, or on-premise software platform.

Some owners like the idea of an on-premise install because they don’t have worry about sending proprietary files and documents to the cloud. “On-premise = more control of their data,” is the common notion.

On the other hand, when considering a cloud-based software, like Microsoft Dynamics software as a service suites, for example, the concerns often center on migrating critical data and programs to a cloud-hosting company. As noted in an article about this very topic, the author on cloud migration anxiety notes:

“…one element keeping some companies lagging behind is a case of migration anxiety. They’ve spent thousands investing in a secure infrastructure and are rightfully protective of their critical data.”  

But business owners need to seek the right balance, given the many choices in our digital landscape for SaaS, or expanding the on-premise network, according to Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO in a recent Forbes interview:

“To me what matters is having the right mix of SaaS value. I don’t think of my server business as somehow “old school” or “legacy.” I actually think of the server as the edge of my cloud.”

For sure, software companies are adding more powerful business tools via the cloud, including ERP platforms like Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL.

Moreover, such software is by necessity becoming more customer-centric, notes Forbes, because of the need for low-cost—and scalable—software in manufacturing, distribution and the supply chain, for example. Owners need the right tool to drive their production management decisions in a single database management system.

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