Just recently, InfoWorld magazine published an article titled, “Why Microsoft Azure is king of the hill.”  If you are a business considering moving to the cloud, why is that so important?  How is it used?  What wonderful advantages might it afford you?

For one thing, Microsoft is rolling out the brand-new Azure Stack, which is a fabulous tool that allows you to run the Microsoft Azure cloud in the confines of your own data center.  This is great for those companies who can not move certain applications or services offsite for security reasons, and/or for those companies who want to transition to the public cloud gradually.  Another really great thing about it is its ability to feed applications with resources on an as-needed basis.  Let’s suppose you need the capacity of an extra web server.  Instead of adding a virtual machine, with the bulk of its operating system and other redundant software getting in the way, you’ll use an on-demand web server service.

Microsoft Azure cloud is the cloud platform that Microsoft Dynamics ERP rides on, and it keeps getting better.  The latest development is Microsoft Azure cloud-based Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software “all run through a browser-based portal, so people can access it wherever they are, and on any sort of device, whether that’s a desktop PC, a smartphone or something in between.”  It is these kinds of improvements that continue to make Microsoft Azure cloud and Microsoft Dynamics ERP the winning solution for your business.

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Written by J.H (Consulting team)