Some business owners may never consider using today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, either because of perceived costs, or the idea of giving up the programs that have been with them from the start.

But ERP software for small to mid-size businesses has become more SMB-friendly, and the costs more agreeable. The notion that such powerful business-process tools are used primarily by large corporations with multi-national reach is not applicable today.

Instead, small manufacturing firms and distributors enjoy many of the same features, advantages, and benefits as their larger brethren; this, without over-sized budgets for purchasing and ERP implementation.

Microsoft Dynamics GP software, for example, can be purchased out of the box with quick and seamless ERP implementation. What’s more, the platform is scalable to match a company’s growth cycle without large upfront costs initially.

In the mid-1990’s, when Gartner first coined the term, ERP, the platform was well-suited for large corporations. Unfortunately, full implementation often took months, if not years, to achieve. Needless to say, the expense for ERP implementation was sizable.

The norm today is for low-cost subscription-based ERP systems like MS Dynamics GP purchased through a global Microsoft Dynamics vendor, In addition, SMBs can choose different levels of guidance after the sale, including an option to purchase remote implementation. ‘Rapid Remote Implementation’ offers a package that includes 20 hours setup and installation.

The package of hours includes:

  • 4 hours Setup
  • 4 hours System Manager
  • 4 hours Accounts Payable training
  • 4 hours Accounts Receivable training
  • 4 hours General Ledger

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Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)

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