‘ERP implementation’ sounds like a complicated and expensive process. Back in the early 1990s, it was just that: ERP systems may have taken months, or years in some cases, to go from full implementation to deployment with system costs reaching $2 million and, in some cases, four years to implement.

What’s more, the systems were marketed to Fortune 1000 companies, as noted in an overview on Inc.com. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics ERP software offering out-of-the-box features for immediate use, the software was run on a mainframe computer.

But it took the economic downturn that “came in the 2000s” before ERP software became PC and web-based. In short, the evolution of this platform “allowed companies to replace a tangle of complex computer applications with a single, integrated system.”

“ After the slow recovery from the economic downturn that came in 2000s, ERP has become much more closely associated with web-based systems—which have also lifted it into prominence again.”

Now, with the array of business processes that need to be monitored, shared and reported, software like Microsoft Dynamics GP, small manufacturers, distributors and service-oriented companies, can be up and running within hours—48 hour licensing is available, for example.

‘Rapid Remote’ Implementation

Extended training and months of implementation are a thing of the past with options that can include 4 hours of complete Setup and Installation.

Normally, on-site training offered by a vendor was the norm, but the digital options through buyerp.com make this final step a seamless one:

  • Creation of up to 2 companies with account framework setup
  • Dynamics GP and Management Reporter setup on server and 3 clients.

Also available through buyerp.com is a thorough, 4 hour System Manager option for Dynamics GP implementation:

  • Security setup and training for 1 employee
  • Fiscal Year setups
  • Posting setups
  • General System Navigation

Contact us to learn more about the ease of Dynamics GP implementation for your business or organization.

Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)

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