Every growing business needs the assistance of ERP software. Without it, you’re managing your customers and employees in the dark and have no true method of monitoring and tracking your expenses. ERP software is a crucial tool for your business and it is one that needs to be addressed at some point in the early phases of your business if you want to be and stay successful.

When it comes to ERP, there are two obvious contenders for a lot of small and mid-sized businesses: Quickbooks and Dynamics. Quickbooks is the lesser of the two in almost every way, but many new businesses are lured into using it thanks to clever marketing and a lower cost barrier.

If you’re running Quickbooks and want to know why you should switch to Dynamics instead, we’ve compiled a quick list of reasons. This list will also help those businesses working to make a choice between the two platforms:

Ease of Use
One of the strongest features of Dynamics NAV is that it’s easy to use. It is designed with the exact same aesthetic as other Microsoft applications, which means your employees will already be familiarized with the interface. If you know how to use Outlook, Excel or Word, you can learn how to use Dynamics with minimal fuss.

Dynamics NAV is an industry leader because it offers powerful tools that other software packages do not. You may not need every utility packaged in with NAV 2013 right now, but the time may come when you do. Outgrowing your ERP software will result in a costly and time-consuming transition later on down the line; it’s best to start with a tool that can grow with you, your business, and your staff.

Dynamics NAV is supported by dozens of Microsoft Certified Gold Partners. These organizations attend deep, intensive training on how to implement and use the software and often offer industry-specific advice on how to best work NAV into your existing workflows. There is simply no better supported product on the market than NAV.

Dynamics NAV offers a more secure user experience and protects your data better than Quickbooks. It is also GAAP compliant, which means data cannot be removed from the application without some record of the removal. This is critical for businesses that need to show that there is no fraud in their financials.

Overall, Dynamics NAV offers an easier-to-use, stronger and more secure experience than Quickbooks. And while it comes at a higher initial cost, the price difference is made up tenfold by the advantages it brings as your business expands and grows. For more information about Nav and/or other Microsoft Dynamics products visit www.buyerp.com.