We get it – you didn’t just love Quicken, you hearted Quicken with all your soul and being. Somewhere along the way, you discovered this now kludgy solution to your total lack of financial prowess. You grew up with it. It grew up with you. You got into a relationship with that special someone, and discovered Quicken wasn’t just a single program hanging back at the dance floor like a wallflower. No, Quicken had a family. Just like you had a family.

Then you started a business. Quicken worked for a while but with those complicated tax forms came the need for more programming oomph. Then you got an employee! Congratulations and welcome to state wage reporting. You looked to Quicken’s cousin, QuickBooks. Sure, you thought, why not?


The QuickBooks Alternative

It may have come as a nasty surprise (and we hope you’re not hearing it here first), but there are rumors that Quicken is going away. We know. Please, take a tissue. Dear God, what is the world coming to? What’s Intuit thinking? And what’s going to happen to QuickBooks? You might ask, do I need to…is it time to consider…a QuickBooks alternative?

Remember the olden days when there was only one real way to manage your finances on that newfangled computer of yours? It was Quicken, and by extension, wasn’t TurboTax also the only way to manage your taxes? You see their ads each year and think, ‘Hey, I know those people.’

Well here’s the deal: times have changed and you’re not getting half of what you could get out of your financial data. There are new ways of doing things and, we venture to say, better ways of doing things. Yes, Virginia, there really IS a viable alternative to your QuickBooks program.

We’re not just talking about software that won’t start glitching out after the first year as if it was programmed to do so. We know you’re tired of those pop-up ads at tax time, suggesting that you really should update to this year’s version before time runs out and you lose your 30% discount. It’s not even worth discussing how demanding QuickBooks has become, like when you didn’t upgrade in time and the new version wouldn’t read your saved data file.


Replacing Quickbooks

We’re here to help you take the data you gather every day and analyze it to make better business decisions, based on accurate and timely information. We’re talking about using your business accounting software to help you make business decisions with confidence.

It’s so easy to fall into the crusty state of thinking that the old software is the only good software. People cling to it like they belong to the same political party, like they have to be nice to it because Aunt Patsy introduced us that one Thanksgiving before she…well, you know.

It’s time to throw your soggy tissues away and face the new world. Face it like a grownup, except one that hasn’t gotten too old to be open to new ideas. The fact is, we too are well-established. We’ve got a better, more efficient, and – let’s face it – more reliable alternative to that old program you’ve been using.

We get you. We also get it that you need something serious, because owning a business is serious. Contact us today. Just click it and move on. It’s time to give yourself all the advantages you never knew were out there.