Dynamics CRMHow long is ‘too long’ until a professional service firm identifies client problems before actually initiating changes? Hopefully, solutions can be found in upping the quality of services, for example, in time to stave off falling revenues stemming from dissatisfied clients.

Often, though, company leaders in an accounting firm, or an IT service provider, may have no way of knowing all of the factors—talent and business processes—affecting their clients on a daily basis.

After all, and by their very nature, professional service firms live-and-die by the people in their organization. Do they have the right education, skill sets and overall-talent to deliver projects that go beyond client expectations?

Consequently, the need for service firms to “nurture long-term” client relationships becomes the critical component to the firms overall success.

Without company-wide transparency in all of the firm’s software systems, for example, the need to re-assign new talent here, and mend a relationship there, can go unnoticed until the dam breaks.

By implementing Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM software, stakeholders are given immediate updates on client projects, resource assignments and the profitability of each task.

In short, it is paramount for professional service firms to embrace technology that will  “mine data” to help guide and manage their account base. Futhermore, in the firm’s marketing and sales efforts, such information is a cornerstore to any ‘predictive sales’ strategy, as noted in a Forbes overview on Predictive Sales and the use of ‘big data:’

“The goal is to generate high quality leads across marketing channels such as web search, email, online ads and content or social network promotions. By analyzing data from across the omnichannel spectrum, companies can gain deeper understanding of an online customer’s intentions and goals. Armed with this knowledge, companies can refine and target the marketing and promotional mix to those online visitors most likely to be buyers, leading to better and more enticing offers.”

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