Outgrown QuickbooksIt might still be a ‘lofty’ notion to some businesses, but looking to the cloud for software applications defines the here-and-now of the digital landscape.

Push-back from businesses to trust in the cloud to manage their programs and storage remains ongoing. Furthermore, with the added consideration of ‘mobile,’ many stakeholders may simply be  throwing their hands up vowing to keep all of their programs, files and documents on-premise: it’s tantamount to giving up control of their business.

When it comes to accounting software, and for the startups, and fledgling businesses, the use of Quickbooks may be their first and last choice. For others, they may have outgrown Quickbooks, and are looking to the features and benefits of today’s advanced software like Microsoft Dynamics (GP).

But woe-be to businesses who have vowed to stay with, or have outgrown Quickbooks. For, like the Bob Dylan song tells us, “Times they are a chang’n.”

Look at Intuit’s recent announcement about its move to the cloud. They are not only going there, but they are discontinuing their desktop offerings. What does that do for customer confidence?

Here’s the timeline Intuit presented to their customers in a news release way back in 2008:

  • Beginning March 1, 2015, only existing app customers will be able to connect to QuickBooks Desktop through the QuickBooks Desktop REST API.
  • Beginning March 1, 2016, we will be discontinuing service of the QuickBooks Desktop REST API, both v2 and v3, and the Sync Manager service.

But, rest assured, Microsoft Dynamics is not a software on anyone’s short-list for termination of its on-premise platform. In fact, the deployment of this software, either on-premise or in the cloud, will continue to provide business with effective ways data management.

What’s more, with Microsoft Dynamics (GP), for example,  the information is not left abandoned in isolated and disconnected silos.

The adjunct to the cloud, of course, is the implementation of mobile devices in the workplace, on the road or in the client’s office. Is this a novelty on a downward spiral? Gartner thinks not. In fact they predict:

“40 Percent of Mobile Application Development Projects Will Leverage Cloud Mobile Back-End Services” by 2016.

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