But for SMBs not willing to upgrade to the new online version, they still must wrestle with the notion of building out servers, purchasing more computers, or upping the IT staff to manage all the hardware, software patches/upgrades and all that come  with non-cloud platforms.

...and pay for what you use!

Choosing between on-premise or online platform (SaaS), may be easier once the stakeholders realize that the latter option is fully scalable: users can pay for modules they actually use.

On-premise installations can be inefficient in terms of wasted features: a good portion of the software may go unused until such time that the company needs full-on features.


Forget about turning on tapes at night to backup the day’s transactions. By using CRM online, the complete database is in a constant state of backup around the clock, thanks to Microsoft’s Azure hosting and built-in security mechanisms.

Security? It’s been said that companies often face more breaches from employees, and their BYODs than flaws surfacing in a cloud hosting service.

Access from anywhere…anytime…

Today’s business is done in the office, on the road, the client’s office or from the factory floor. As such, it is critical that stakeholders have the right information to make their decisions; this, without relying on ‘getting back to the office’ to search files, or await the return of key employee to get questions answered.

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