Owners of small to -medium size business may have reservations about investing in today’s CRM software: they’ve read so much about ‘legacy’ programs—like Excel—and are not eager to relegate those files to an ‘unknown’ platform.

The good news is that the developers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 understood the need to integrate familiar workhorses in the Microsoft lineup—like Excel!

As such, with the new CRM Online up and running, and with numerous updates to front-and-back-end features, the updated CRM web interface ‘welcomes’ the use of Excel Online. What’s more, the user can have confidence that their work/changes go back into Excel Online via the CRM suite.

An array of new features awaits Dynamics CRM Online users with benefits for the on-premise users as well:

  • “A new CRM App for Outlook.. “surfaces contextual sales capabilities and information in Outlook desktop and browser,”
  • Embedded OneNote – Sales reps “can create and view notes containing text, photos, voice, spreadsheets, and free-form drawings, all within the context of the account, opportunity, or any other record they are working on.
  • Mobile Phone App – Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone are guided by the same contextual business process, providing a consistent experience across devices.” Bob Stutz Microsoft Dynamics.

Users don’t have to fear about leaving behind core programs, files or documents as Dynamics CRM uses a ‘hybrid’ approach to implementation and deployment: companies often choose to leave their critical programs on-premise while migrating sales and marketing programs to the cloud, for example.

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