It’s that time again, business owners: Time to start considering software upgrades. If you’re using Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s one-stop solution for reporting, supply chain management and financials, chances are good that you’re still using NAV 2010. But NAV 2013 is out now, and there are some major benefits to upgrading from the old suite to the more modern toolset.

Whether or not an upgrade is right for you depends on whether you can afford the Microsoft Dynamics cost, and whether you’d see any specific functionality increase from the upgraded an modified elements found in NAV 2013.

What’s New?

Naturally, if you’re looking to upgrade to NAV 2013, you’ll need an idea on what’s different. Microsoft has made hundreds of tiny tweaks and enhancements to the NAV suit—too many to enumerate; however, we can run through some of the bigger things that have changed:

Financial management features have been updated, removing the default lock on G/L entry, improving tools for cash flow analysis and introducing new methods for applying cost accounting to your business’s bottom line. Additionally, the VAT Rate Change Tool allows you to perform VAT functions and deal with group conversions.

But that’s not all, of course: Dynamics NAV 2013 includes a brand new feature set designed to help with assembly management and includes tools for integrating assembly with sales, warehousing and other departments. Inventory upgrades have also been made, along with updates to payment services, business intelligence, user productivity and supply planning. It’s a multi-faceted update that promises to bring something of value to every business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV costs can vary depending on which software suite you’re looking to pick up. There are several options available offering a different array of features, so be sure to read the descriptions thoroughly to ensure you’ll be getting the toolset you need for efficiently running your business. NAV 2013 offers a ton of versatility to midsized businesses and is an excellent way to increase productivity and profitability over the long term.

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