Make no mistake, the merits of Excel go beyond just its basic spreadsheet and accounting capabilities, and even today with its numerous apps, businesses can create customized dashboards, or analytic filters, to gauge the inner workings of their operations.

Moving from ‘non-integrated’ programs

Small to medium-size businesses may be using a number of non-integrated programs, like Excel, Outlook and a contact management system, for example, until they see the advantages of a single, database management platform like MS Dynamics SL.

For project-oriented companies, such as a professional services and engineering firm, Dynamics SL delivers better decision-making data to manage all aspects of the firm’s client services.

In addition, the platform is designed to improve job costing and materials management for the construction sector. For government contracting businesses, Dynamics SL provides the right compliance

MS Dynamics SL: A single database management system

It’s not uncommon for project-centric companies begin their operations by using a number of non-integrated programs—Excel, Outlook, a contact management system—until they see the advantage of a single database management. Dynamics SL integrates Excel into its module, thereby allowing users wanting to generate financials with refreshable Pivot tables and charts without exiting the program.

What’s more, the real-time data via the cloud can be accessed and refreshed from smartphones and tablets. As Forbes notes, the trend to cloud computing is expected to double by the year 2020.

The cloud-option for Dynamics SL includes Microsoft Azure that allows scalable subscription levels to match the company’s plans for expansion. Moreover, the powerful tools within Office 365, like SharePoint for document sharing, provide an added dimension of productivity.

Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics SL. Unlike a lot of accounting software, MS Dynamics SL can provide industry-specific solutions that are designed to increase productivity while enhancing the bottom line.

Written by J.H (Consulting team)

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