“Technology” delivers its magic at the flip of a switch, the push-of-a-button or a spoken word. The results can be categorized as trendy—Google glasses and Wearables—or powerful tools for home and business. Moreover, the impact is life changing.

For a comparative, just look at the Pew Research website and how quickly we embrace its plusses. For example, while it took 46 years for electricity to wend its way into just one-quarter of our homes in the U.S., it was a mere nanosecond for the same percentage of us to embrace the web—7 years! Additionally, while mobile phones have been with us since 1983, it took 13 years before one-quarter of the U.S population was using them.

When it comes to today’s enterprise resource planning software, such as Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, the Redmond Giant delivers a powerful business process tool that surely mirrors the prediction of one futurist soothsayer, Ray Kurzweil in his book, The Singularity is Near, when he noted that “the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will be combined with the vastly greater capacity, speed and knowledge-sharing ability of our own creations.”

More to the point, Microsoft Dynamics SL goes beyond the standard definition of ERP posted on Gartner’s IT Glossary website. Indeed, Dynamics SL’s online offerings move the technology meter even further with its 2015 Web Apps, which are ideal for SMBs in the manufacturing and distribution sector, for example.

Discover the ‘SL’ difference. The software is not just for large corporations or enterprise-type companies and organizations. Contact us to learn more about MS Dynamics SL 2015, and how it can benefit your company through real-time technological advancements.

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