The small to mid-size manufacturer looking to sell products abroad knows the importance of seamless fulfillments, from material procurement, shipping and inventory management to flawless product cycles.

Monitoring all of these processes, while aligning all the elements toward successful production cycles is paramount, but highly unlikely using a handful of legacy programs and apps.

Simply put, when it comes to opening markets abroad, a more integrated platform is necessary.

What’s needed is one database management system to deliver robust business application solutions. As such, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ideal for small to mid-size companies with a global market: multiple currency conversions and pricing levels flow seamlessly throughout the program without the need for multiple windows or non-connected spreadsheets.

MS Dynamics NAV allows SMB’s the ability to manage a host of business processes, such as payables and receivables, resource and inventory control and general ledger reports.

Exporters are well aware of the compliance requirements within the European Monetary Union (EMU), particularly when it comes to converting the currency as it transitions to the Euro.

Detail formatting means currency rate exchange tables in the system are correctly maintained on all of the forms, documents and reports. Historical exchange rates can be saved for analysis at a later to better understand the fluctuations over time. What’s more, MS Dynamics NAV offers remote access for real-time status updates.

One of the downfalls of using legacy programs to conduct business on a global scale is the inability to speedily process transactions. For example, SMB’s using MS Dynamics NAV are able to issue an invoice in one currency, but then accept payment in a completely different currency; this, without fear of data entry errors often associated with accessing non-integrated programs and applications.

As you make plans to move into the global marketplace, contact us for more information on all of the Microsoft Dynamics product lines.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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