When it comes to an ERP platform designed for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is not the new-kid-on-the-block. The Redmond Giant boasts over 1.4 million licensed users worldwide with over 80,000 installations—and in forty different country versions!

Unlike a lot of ERP software, MS Dynamics NAV delivers up-and-running functionality right off the shelf, making it ideal for business owners looking to move away from their proprietary and legacy programs.

Furthermore, the MS Dynamics NAV makes it’s source code available when and if needed for customization. Overall, it’s integration with existing Microsoft programs leverages a company’s capabilities in areas of financial management; supply chain management; business intelligence; project management; service management; sales and marketing and even HR management.

The small manufacturer faces many challenges, including the need to maintain minimum inventory levels while keeping production schedules amidst growing compliance requirements. Close monitoring of production cycles is not always available with non-integrated programs. Instead, decision-makers must rely on gathering historical data and information versus viewing it in real-time.

What’s more, MS Dynamics NAV allows quick overviews on stock production as well as customized orders. This leads to more meaningful financials reflecting product availability, shipping times and delivery schedules to the customer. Moreover, managers are better able to prioritize orders that represent the higher percentage of revenues.

For example, a customer’s order can be immediately acted upon without the NAV user having to open multiple windows. Is the customer in collections? What is their order history? How will their new order impact product flow and material inventories?

A host of benefits awaits the Dynamics NAV user. Contact us to learn more.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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