In the past, the wholesale distribution sector pushed back on investing in enterprise resource management (ERP) software. For the most part, those small to medium-size enterprises (SME) accepted the fact that such specialty software primarily served the manufacturing industry.

But old ways evolve to new models, reflecting ever-changing demands within the supply chain. For the SME, this often means maintaining lower inventories; furthermore, companies are working ahead of the order. This strategy keeps businesses operating lean while still responding to a customer’s order and the accompanying need for materials.

MS Dynamics NAV 2015 can provide the backbone for the wholesale sector’s operational needs. It offers integrated solutions to handle an array of accounting tasks centered on areas like Receivables to help maintain  cash flows. Also, the software assists in warehouse and inventory management.

Other features include:

Sales Order cycles

Dynamics NAV 2015 brings more efficiency to the sales department in handling sales quotes. Procurement departments benefit with real-time data on vetted suppliers. What’s more, the platform can manage prepayment invoices as well as assist in controlling partial shipments.

Warehouse: Automated data capture

From set-up bins to order placement and shipping, the software can interface, for example, with a hand-held bar code device to track customer components within the warehouse.


Customer returns can create bottlenecks in the warehouse as each item undergoes assessment; this, to determine if it can be resold.

Buyers of Dynamics NAV software are given a number of options when it comes to subscription levels. Moreover, buyers can also be guided through the implementation process via contracted time segments. Contact us for more information.

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