Business owners are doing themselves a disservice if they believe that enterprise resource planning software was designed to handle the demands of very large companies. If they cleave to that notion, the small manufacturer and distributor will forever risk losing their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

SMBs benefit with enhanced decision-making…

To counter this prospect, SMBs need to consider today’s ERP platforms from a stalwart leader like Microsoft, who’s  ERP/CRM software for example MS Dynamics GP, is designed to streamline and automate an array of business processes; this, while monitoring and reporting on tasks such as production activities and order processing and inventory. Additionally, MS Dynamics GP provides departmental transparency to enhance decision-making, related to revenue, materials, orders, staff and manufacturing capacities.

Remarkably, these functions are handled with Dynamics GP single, database management in a manner once reserve for Fortune 500-size enterprises, which was the main market for mainframe manufacturers back in the mid 1990s.

Move from ‘transaction’ based ERP to systems with BI capabilities…

Until Microsoft introduced their ERP solutions, the onus was on the SMB owner to outsource IT staffing and even build out their on-premise networks to accommodate such systems.

Back then, the ERP programs were more transaction oriented  compared to the Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics offered by MS Dynamics GP today, for example.

Indeed, the shift, according to the findings of the Mackenzie report, should be away from the traditional “customer-centric front-end system:

“The first step, which addresses the need for alignment, is adopting a two-speed IT architecture—one that decouples the management of customer-centric front-end systems and applications from the management of existing transaction-oriented back-end systems. The second step, which addresses the need for accountability, is adopting the same focus on digital product management that digital companies demonstrate—that is, empowering managers to incorporate users’ feedback into product-development efforts actively and systematically and holding managers accountable for results.”

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Written by J.W. (Consulting Team)

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