Small manufacturers face the same challenges in inventory management as encountered with larger companies. Generally, it comes down to finding efficient ways to ultimately reduce costs…and save money.

But finding solutions is never a single fix. What’s needed throughout the organization is a methodical approach to better operations. Unfortunately, for those companies using legacy programs the outcomes are often long in coming. Moreover, without a single database management system, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, inventory is easy to ‘lose,’ thereby causing delays in the product cycle.

Small to mid-size manufacturers—and distributors—strive to increase their overall fulfillment times. This is especially true in today’s competitive eCommerce marketplace: big companies often guarantee their delivery times, meaning products are easily ‘picked’ in the warehouse and shipped quickly.

Yet, the smaller manufacturer may still turn to their over-customized ERP systems in hopes of improving fulfillment times. Unfortunately, by relying on a tangle of separate apps and programs business processes, from products on the line to back office accounting tasks, remain monolithic in their inter-connectedness.

MS Dynamics GP, either on-premise or online, provides real-time monitoring of key departments. For example, sales can access inventory information without opening multiple pages on an array of programs, thereby allowing for more accurate shipping and better customer relationships. In the latter case, with MS Dynamics GP sales teams function with higher confidence because the information they provide their customers is more reliable.

What’s more, by using MS Dynamics GP audit trails are easier to track throughout the warehouse and shipping departments, which helps increase productivity while highlighting potential problem areas—low stock!

Learn more about the advantages of Dynamics GP in your operations. Contact us for subscription options and implementation guidelines.

Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)

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