Granted, there’s nothing worse than when employees don’t take ‘ownership’ of the latest company software, the one that is sure to improve profitability.

The information lag…

But it’s human nature to cling to the past in spite of the prediction that things will get better, particularly when it comes to implementing a new ERP platform.

Right now, you see your teams bogged down with meeting deadlines. In the latter case, the slowdown often occurs due to the lag time in updating new information: the customer’s specs have changed, or the competition has launched a new product and the outside sales force can’t access needed programs.

Dynamics CRM: a business process tool for the digital age.

One of the past ‘sins’ of IT departments is over customization of CRM/ERP programs.

Consequently, with the existing CRM software, for example, becomes a mishmash of numerous apps designed to solve an array of problems.

But the ‘problems’ come in a variety of forms, such as little, or no, integration of third-party applications with the main CRM platform.

Dynamics CRM and value of ‘getting it right’ from the start…

Understanding how each department works will dictate which Microsoft Dynamics modules to implement, or what add-ons you might need.

The beauty of MS Dynamics CRM is its scalability, allowing stakeholders to use key modules as they see fit. Once the benefits are understood, then the stage is set for employees to buy into the software. If they see upper management excited about the benefits, they are better equipped to relate to the outcomes.

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