As a business owner with an outside sales team, you’re seeing a slowdown in cash flow from the delay in getting contracts and orders signed and returned.

For some time, you’ve relied on Excel and Outlook for tracking sales and maintaining your contact files. This system requires many steps to authenticate, bill and ship the orders

Indeed, the turn-around-time between the verbal ‘ok,’ and the signed order coming back to you via fax, or a .pdf is not improving; this, because your client list continues to grow.

Consequently, your salespeople and support staff are spending too much time searching separate files and documents, which reside on multiple computers.

What’s needed is a single database management system, like MS Dynamics, with e-Signature capabilities, which helps close deals quickly.

Dynamics CRM helps to eliminate a lot of unnecessary paperwork in an organization, and by using the e-Signature application sales people spend more time on cultivated new accounts.

As noted on

“While CRM helps to centrally manage customer information and improve sales operations, many frontline sales professionals gripe that it doesn’t necessarily help them close deals faster. Why? Because the last mile in the sales cycle – getting a signature – is still a manual, paper-driven process.

Businesses are still getting used to the idea of electronic signatures and have begun incorporating the option in their company’s digital strategy.

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