The right business management software grows your business, improves business systems, increases positive interactions with customers and donors and saves money. For non-profit businesses, the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution will increase your fundraising ability, decrease costs and increase accountability. MS Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management tool for businesses compatible with Microsoft’s Dynamics GP ERP systems and other Microsoft products which work well for various non-profits.

The following are items where Dynamics CRM works for your non-profit business’s needs:

  • Integrated vs. Stand-Alone – Dynamics CRM is a part of an entire business ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite of software including Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV which can be customized for non-profits. This creates  opportunity for your business to customize and grow with your software system. Your organization can utilize solely the relationship management function of a stand-alone CRM or integrate MS Dynamics CRM with other software for system wide management.
  • Analytics – Dynamics CRM is designed with data management in mind, including predictive algorithms and scheduling tools. For non-profits, decreasing marketing and fundraising labor costs is key to focusing your energy on your core vision and mission, and MS Dynamics CRM’s predictive algorithms reduce time and energy spent on sales, which reduces costs.
  • Automatic Processes – For non-profits, automatic processes are one of the most important parts of decreasing costs to your organization. Releasing automatic updates, thank you’s and more combined with automatic follow up means that Dynamics CRM is perfect for your organization.
  • Organize donor, customer and constituent workflows – Managing different people in your organization’s relationship network is essential towards running a successful non-profit.

MS Dynamics CRM software is a perfect solution for non-profits who are wanting to expand their customer management or as part of an entire ERP solution. For more information about Dynamics CRM and integrated capabilities, please contact us.