One might think that in the tactile world of manufacturing and distributors, where products are touched, counted and packaged, the notion of using a cloud ERP might not play well among decision-makers. After all, who can dispute the fact that having ‘everything’ on-premise, from accounting to inventory management software, is an idea firmly planted on solid ground?

Truth be told, with advancements in business process tools, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, more and more SMBs are embracing the cloud for their ERP solutions.

Distilling the reasons ‘why’ a manufacturer should consider implementing a cloud ERP platform, offers these four factors:


In some regards, the cloud has to remain a generic platform for a universe of vertical sectors, but offers a platform for customization to match needs. Furthermore, cloud-hosting services, like Microsoft Azure, may require more “version alignments,” which is a good thing: on-premise upgrades can be delayed until it hurts!

Ease of use

Forget about the need to ‘staff up’ when implementing cloud-based ERP systems. For example, with Dynamics GP, many of the features are up and running upon install. No need to beef up IT to handle training and customizing.

With much “simpler systems,” the cloud-based ERP software usually offers online training with the goal of “self-teaching” underpinning its implementation.


Upfront costs diminish since there is no need to build out the on-premise servers. In addition, the cloud models generally incorporate a monthly fee. Consequently, the software, like Dynamics GP, scales to a company’s business cycles.


Dynamics GP is easily customized to suit departmental needs; this, without special programming or coding skills. Consequently, IT can spend more time coming up with innovative ideas to advance the company versus all-nighters writing code.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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