Boost Your Company’s Financial Health with Microsoft Dynamics

1. Get the Most Out of Your Money

Manage your cash flow with the most accurate picture of your funds. From deposits and debits to reconciliations and receivables.   Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the tools to track and manage your cash, including a cash-flow calendar lets you look back or look ahead to see how your funds flow in and out of your business.

2. Use the Power of the Cloud ON YOUR Terms

Spend less on software and system maintenance. Giving users more flexibility and putting yourself in control of what’s best for your business. The cloud offers you accessibility and savings in deploying a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution that may be beneficial to your organization.  The cloud also provides your company with more choices of how your business solutions are rolled out. Choose your Microsoft Dynamics software to be hosted or have it fully in the Cloud where you only pay a monthly fee for your software and hosting services. It’s your software, and your choice how you want to run your business.

3. Put Your Data to Work

Turn reams of data into relevant information, and help your people take fast, profitable action with powerful yet simple-to-use financial management tools. Microsoft Dynamics ERP software has simple, powerful financial management and reporting tools to help you look forward, using your data to determine the impact changes will have on your business. And with projections you can trust, decisions become a lot easier and you become a lot more confident.

4. Make Managing Your Finances a Breeze

Take the chaos out of closing the books with greater control and insight, you can be confident your financial facts and figures are in order. Armed with the visibility, accuracy and insight that Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s flexible financial management tools provide your employees can focus on today, tomorrow and your company’s future, not simply on getting through the end of the month.  This is accomplished by giving everyone in your organization access to the data most relevant to their roles via role-tailored home pages, easy-to-use dashboards and Microsoft Office tools they already know.

5. Adapt to Regulatory Requirements

Be accountable, be adaptable, and be ready—so when regulations change, you can be compliant without busting your budget. Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers a set of financial management tools with securities and controls that are built on tried and true accounting and reporting best practices, in order to deliver accountability and oversight to reduce fraud and protect your company from internal risk.  Also, Microsoft Dynamics ERP are built to be flexible, so you can change your workflows and processes to keep your business compliant without breaking the bank.