We all know Microsoft as the software company that developed Windows and Office. But the software that Microsoft has developed goes far beyond the personal use software that we use every day at home: they have developed suites of software for business use that many people do not even know about. An example of this is Dynamics SL 2015. Professional Services and other Project-driven companies need project-focused ERP systems for their accounting and reporting needs. Many typical accounting and business management software systems aren’t set up to handle the unique, project-based demands of your project-based company.

Dynamics SL 2015 is a piece of software which allows a business to drive real bottom-line impact through a simplification of the way that people work. It is a powerful tool that many businesses do not know exists, but most could take advantage of using in some capacity. It is scalable to the size of the business – from small through large, and offers a variety of features that may be used to customize the software to an individual business’s needs.

The software offers tools for projects, which operate at multi-company levels, as well as web apps. The 2015 release has improvements to financial tools, which make financial processing easier. With the capability to generate multiple different types of reports with ease, the software proves itself to be invaluable when it comes to generating information for the company or for customers. As stated, the 2015 version of Dynamics SL makes use of web apps, which allows it to be accessed from off site locations.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 is not a complete revision of the software, but rather an iteration on a product that Microsoft has been honing for years. Technology Management Concepts has additional information on how your business can get started using this software suite. If you are interested, please contact us and we would be happy to speak with you about getting started.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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