While the projected growth of an SMB isn’t always right on target, the fact of the matter remains that any SMB is constantly developing in one manner or another. Through new business endeavors or an expanding employee base, effective and applicable software is necessary in order to meet the ERP demands of any organization. Since the operational climate of an SMB is always changing, the need for a flexible ERP solution is a bit more crucial to an SMB than that of a fortune 500 company. Growing businesses can only rely on a traditional ERP solution for a finite period of time. Company structure and reporting demands are constantly changing and a single application cannot accurately relay the operational data and information of an expanding business.

Microsoft has released a comprehensive solution specifically for the climate of an SMB. This new functionality provides effective ERP management assistance through their Microsoft Dynamics GP cloud  hosted solution.

Considering most SMB’s have to operate through the use of various software applications, the potential of running into compatibility delays is almost guaranteed. Microsoft Dynamics GP removes the costly delays for a given business by allowing adaptable capabilities to be implemented at any point in time through the benefits of the cloud.

Furthermore, employees who are vital to the ERP process don’t have to learn new systems every time there is a developmental shift within the organization. Microsoft Dynamics GP and the rest of its business management solution family, are purposely fashioned in a familiar Microsoft format that many new users quickly adapt to, regardless of which type of device they access it from.

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Written by J.K (Sales Team)