Microsoft Dynamics GP: Accounting software for small businesses eyeing markets in the EU

As a small manufacturer eyeing a global launch in the near future, you’ve upgraded your business software by purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP from a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, The accounting software for small businesses not only provides inventory control, payroll management and a host of other critical functions, but the suite of modules provides full compliance with the EU Data Protection Directive:

“For a business to legally transfer data from the EU to the U.S., the U.S. company or other organization must publicly certify that it will comply with Safe Harbor principles, which align with the EU’s privacy rules.”

The downfall of ‘non-integrated’ programs.

Before you decided on Dynamics GP, you were relying on non-integrated programs, such as Excel, to handle most every aspect of your accounting needs, from payroll to invoicing. In the latter case, you saw the need for a platform that could handle currency conversions in real-time to facilitate sales quotes and accurate invoicing.

What’s more, your business plan includes opening a number of sales and distribution points within the EU. As such, you determined to use Microsoft’s SaaS through Azure’s cloud-hosting service. This choice would ensure maximum up-time and better data management.

As noted in Information Management (Data Management in the Post-Safe Harbor Era), a critical component to any network is minimal downtime as well as seamless backups relative to global requirements:

“The replication backbone must ensure that data is selectively replicated and is compliant with country-specific legislation.”

Be confident in your decision to purchase your accounting software for small businesses. Contact us and discover the advantages of doing business with a leading Microsoft Certified Gold Partner: BuyERP.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)