It takes time and the right resources to build a successful business. Equally as important knowing how important it is to maintain good relations with customers, provide support when needed and to leverage ‘goodwill’ to expand the client base.

But the digital world is alive with the wrong kind of programs and applications to do this correctly with too many non-integrated solutions.

For example, a small to medium-sized company may turn to over-customizing their existing programs: Expanding Excel spreadsheets and updating Outlook as a customer contact file. Social media? Yet another avenue that must be used in today’s competitive marketplace.

But more and more businesses are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) software to offer customer support while engaging with their clients on their social media channels.

When it comes to a single, database management platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides out-of-the-box solutions as well as options that integrate with third-party software. For example, Dynamic CRM users can access a module that refines the entire customer support aspect of the software. The end result is a seamless way to handle ticket requests from any digital channel today, from email, the Web, phone, chat or social networks.

Furthermore, as companies expand their use of mobile devices, Dynamics CRM, particularly since there are over 1.75 billion smartphone users globally today (eMarketer).

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