Microsoft CRM Training

Training in the professional field is evolving with the emergence of Microsoft Dynamics Training. Developers at Microsoft have been working diligently to create a new kind of software that focuses more on improving employee effectiveness within various modules in order to attract, retain, and find clients. As a result of their endeavors, the UK, as mentioned at PRNewswire, has been able to release the first installment of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Courses for 2016 which will be made available exclusively for Training 4 Microsoft CRM.

Features of the Microsoft Dynamics Training 2016 CRM software ;

PRNewswire states that some of the more prominent features that the software will include are:

  • Easy to use templates for Word and Excel to make document creation and spreadsheet analysis faster
  • Interactive Service Hub which will give customer-service agents the ability to quickly research information needed to resolve customer issues
  • Next generation of CRM app for outlook
  • Delve functionality for exploration of trending content
  • New and improved Cortana integration
  • Contextual documents across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 Groups

With a nice looking spreadsheet of optimized features, companies have some serious deliberating to do about where to go concerning software upgrades. Microsoft seems to have done it again with this technological breakthrough in customer service software, making this innovative Microsoft Dynamics CRM program a viable option for companies hoping to build stronger relationships with their customers as well as help their employees facilitate interactions within the customer service area.

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Written by R.C (Sales team)