Microsoft Azure for Your Business

Microsoft’s relatively new Azure service is undoubtedly one of the most robust cloud platforms available on the market. It rivals its competitors in scope, capability, and reliability. Microsoft Azure has built-in functionality to support everything from mobile app monitoring to full-fledged virtual machines.

Azure provides a cost-effective way to move apps and services off premises and into the cloud. Each functional of Azure – whether it be a database, app server, or website – connects seamlessly within the Azure environment. Best of all, Azure supports many different programming languages. This makes migration easy and allows for developers to program in their favorite languages without having to adapt.

The ability to program in many languages highlights Azure’s flexibility. Microsoft has integrated flexibility as part of its cloud service’s DNA. A great example of this is the ability to hybridize with Microsoft Dynamics. With Azure, you can choose to use some services in the cloud, some on site, and manage both with ease.

Managing Your Azure Environment

With all of these services available (and many of which rely on others to work) managing even simple configurations can become incredibly difficult.

Hiring a management firm to set-up and monitor your Azure services can add functionality to Azure that Microsoft hasn’t even built-in. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner has the ability to advise on the proper configurations for any company’s needs.

Microsoft Azure will change the way you do business. Many others clearly believe so as reported in a recent industry analysis. If you believe you can exploit the cloud, contact us and we’ll help you maximize your future with Azure.

Written by D.W (Consulting team)