It’s no surprise that businesses will gladly turn to existing programs to get work out the door, even though the process is less streamlined and automated than what’s offered by today’s ERP software. After all, what’s worked in the past will continue to bring favorable results. What’s more, employees might be resistant to new software implementations.

But powerful business tools are just that: they integrate many, many back-office processes into a single database management platform, thereby providing real-time data for decision-makers throughout the company.

In fact, the Microsoft accounting software product line, while thought by many to be relegated to ‘on-premise’ use, offers access through a web-based portal (Web Client). More importantly, all the same features and functionalities are available as SaaS.

Implementing Dynamics GP, for example, can streamline accounting tasks while automating many back office procedures; data entries are less error-prone with fewer duplicate entries.

But financial management is only one aspect of Dynamics GP deliverability. The software also excels in supply chain management by processing:

  • Bill of materials
  • Order management
  • Inventory control
  • PO generator procurement

Dynamics GP can also be configured with Visual Basic; customized site licensing; identity management and to respond to specialized workflow needs.

A key component, too, in the GP software is the Human Resource module: the Extended HR and Payroll Pack provides options in monitoring and managing employee payrolls to tracking viable candidate lists.

To learn more about Microsoft accounting software, including how you can obtain licensing within 48 hours, contact us. We also offer guidance for full, or limited, implementation as needed.