Business owners constantly struggle with maintaining their cash flows in their short and long-term forecasts. For sure, as money flows in-and-out of the business coffers, a bit of risk can always accompany it.

Aside from keeping payable current, payrolls flowing and products and services in the pipeline, managers must also focus on those weak-links in the process. Did accounting not bill the big client this month? Worse, did a vendor not get paid, and, surprise, you are now on a cash basis until the error is rectified?

No surprise, but “poor management” is a key factor behind a business’s failure, and a reason to invest in Microsoft accounting software, such as Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP Accounting Software: a powerful business processing tool.

Invoicing Management: Cash flows can increase with a quick turnaround in invoice processing. Questions on billing matters can be addressed, too, via mobile access.

Collections Management: The specialized module by Professional Advantage allows users to customize their dashboards to better manage their cash flows.

What’s more, followup notes and reminders become a part of the record keeping…automatically.

Are clients always promising to pay, but delay…delay? This ERP system is a complete credit manager, tracking payment histories, as well as keeping an eye on tardy payers.

Cash Flow Management: Generate more meaningful financials by projecting account payables and receivables with a dashboard and calendar to get real-time updates and status reports (This is just what your banker ordered!)

To further understand the power behind Dynamics GP Accounting Software, and how it’s scalable solutions can improve productivity, contact us. Ask us about special pricing, and how our experienced team can help you implement your Dynamics GP.